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Greenfield Development 

Expertise and Dedication in Action

We understand the importance of renewable energy in combating climate change and building a sustainable future. With our expertise and dedication, we guide our customers through the complex process of authorizing renewable energy plants. Our team of experienced professionals handles every aspect of the project, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and top-notch quality. 


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Biomethane is a renewable fuel obtained from fermentation of organic materials such as agricultural and agro-industrial waste and by-products, energy crops and livestock waste. Through a natural process in the absence of oxygen, the organic materials are converted into a combustible gas (biogas) which, after a refining process in so-called “upgrading” plants, reaches the quality characteristics of natural gas and can be introduced into the distribution grid or be used to power vehicles. From fermentation is also obtained “digestate”, a by-product that is excellent as a fertilizer as it is rich in nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.


We identify the most suitable sites for the construction of biomethane production plants based on their proximity to the natural gas grid and the territorial availability of matrices, preferring the use of agricultural by-products and waste (from livestock, farms and agro-industrial companies).


We identify the feeding plan by verifying the biology of the process and selecting the waste matrices with local vocation. We develop supply chain agreements to guarantee the availability of feedstocks for the whole life of the plant.


We develop the project, managing internally environmental aspects and electrical design and integrating the best anaerobic digestion and upgrading technologies with the support of technology suppliers and specialists. We coordinate and manage the entire permitting process until obtaining the authorizations for the construction and operation of the plants, providing support in the construction and O&M phases.


We manage internally the procedures for connection to natural gas distribution or trasport grid and following the process for obtaining incentives provided by DM 15/09/2022 through partecipation to pubblic competitive procedures (auctions) and ensuring sustainability criteria of biomethane.

Case histories

A selection of our completed or under-construction assets.